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Expert Defence for Driving Offences

Alongside our other dedicated services, we also provide expert assistance for the following driving offences and their corresponding penalty points:

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Reasonable Diligence

Drink Driving

Drug Driving


Driving Without Insurance

Dangerous / Careless Driving

Failure To Identify The Driver

Serious Motoring Offences

Contravening Signs

Driving without a Licence

Driving Using A Mobile Phone

Company Failing To Name The Driver

9-12 Points on Your Licence (Totting Up)

High Risk Offenders

Other Endorsable Offences

Other Driving Offences

Below is a table showing other endorsable offences.

Fail to co-operate with preliminary (roadside) breath test4
Brakes defective3
Steering defective3
Tyres defective3
Condition of vehicle/accessories/ equipment involving danger of injury (Road Traffic Act 1988, s.40A)3
Weight, position or distribution of load or manner in which load secured involving danger of injury (Road Traffic Act 1988, s.40A)3
Number of passengers or way carried involving danger of injury (Road Traffic Act 1988, s.40A)3
Dangerous parking3
Pelican/zebra crossing contravention3
Fail to comply with traffic sign (for example, red traffic light, stop sign, double white lines, no entry sign)3
Fail to comply with police constable directing traffic3
Drive in reverse or wrong way on slip road3
Drive in reverse or wrong way on motorway3
Drive off carriageway (central reservation or hard shoulder)3
Make U turn on motorway3
Learner driver or excluded vehicle3
Vehicle in prohibited lane3

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