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What Penalties Await Those Guilty of Dangerous and Careless Driving?

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Reasonable Diligence

Drink Driving

Drug Driving


Driving Without Insurance

Dangerous / Careless Driving

Failure To Identify The Driver

Serious Motoring Offences

Contravening Signs

Driving without a Licence

Driving Using A Mobile Phone

Company Failing To Name The Driver

9-12 Points on Your Licence (Totting Up)

High Risk Offenders

Other Endorsable Offences

If you have been charged with careless or dangerous driving, the Prosecution has to prove that you fell below the ‘standard’ of driving. Examples of these types of offences are:

Also, if a vehicle is found to have defective tyres, steering or brakes, these can be considered dangerous. If a vehicle is also overloading, carrying too many passengers or has an excessive load for example, you could be at risk of penalty points. These would be considered dangerous vehicle penalties as opposed to dangerous driving.

Careless Driving

Careless driving can result in 3-9 penalty points if convicted and a fine of up to £2500. The court can also impose an immediate disqualification against you. Depending on the evidence against you, we may be able to argue your driving was inconsiderate.

Inconsiderate driving carries 3 penalty points.

Dangerous Driving

The Police could charge you with dangerous driving if they believe you fall below the ‘standard’ of driving. Dangerous driving is normally associated with high risk. For example, there is risk of physical injury to the driver or anybody near where the offence took place. Also, damage to property or vehicles.

The Police can sometimes class offences as dangerous driving without reviewing exactly what happened in detail, taking into account all external factors.

How We Can Help

We specialise in representing clients who have been charged with careless/dangerous driving. We have proven methods to help reduce or completely avoid driving bans for our clients.

Our court success rate is 95%.

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution, fixed penalty notice or single justice procedure notice, your court process has already began.

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